Monday, October 11, 2010


So, I've officially made the transition from Tumblr to Blogspot. *Snaps* While at first I was apprehensive, admittedly a tad scared, of switching blogging platforms, I am ultimately confident with my decision. Although I believe I have a firm grasp of the fundamentals, I'm sure I'll be fiddling around with formatting for the next few days, as I recall more and more html coding from my Myspace days. So, bare with me...

With that out of the way, a mission statement seems an appropriate place to start any new venture. While I have blogged before, I certainly do not intend, nor is it possible, to produce a carbon copy of the Tumblr blog I worked on in the past.

A lot has changed since I've last put my fingers to the keyboard. Most ostensible is the fact that I am no longer in Madrid, but rather state-side and fully submersed in my final year of undergraduate education. I have traded with park-side apartment and Senora, for a glorious, but ramshackle, modular living unit and five roommates. My day to day schedule revolves around lunch dates and classes, as opposed to whimsy strolls around a European city. Most horrific of all, I am once again under the legal drinking age.

Yes, indeed, a great deal has changed in the past few months, but a lot has remained the same. I'm still tall, dark, and shockingly good looking...if I do say so myself. Those who know me would still say I'm a lad who fancies the occasional drink, or several. My morning routine is still dominated by how much time I spend fondling my hair in the mirror and I always have and always will reserve a special place in my heart for reality television and cheap chinese takeout.

As such, the crust of what I plan on blogging will revolve around my personal journey through college and young adulthood in addition to a commentary on the things I like, and even better don't like. I hope you, as a reader take the time to visit periodically to see what I'm up to and comment if the mood strikes you...


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